Mobile Axe Throwing Franchising for 2023. Take a look at our area availability.

TimberJacks Mobile
Axe Throwing Franchise

An opportunity not to be missed. Here we give you all of the headlines with the finer details explained when you book and attend an introduction day at our head office and factory. You’re catching our franchise offering in early stages with great area availability so do take a look around – but don’t hang around as 2023 business is upon us!

Big Feastival - Cotswolds

Why are we

The truth is we’re turning away business – and lot’s of it. Axe throwing is booming across the UK and with a considerable wealth of experience behind us, we can work together to become the UK’s leading mobile axe throwing entertainment provider.

Back Garden Stag-Do

Highly enjoyable
and rewarding

It’s a lifestyle without hassle. What can be more satisfying than throwing axes for a living! The rewards can be great – and we really do mean GREAT. If you invest in the operational equipment, 5 figure sums can be earned in a single weekend!

Foodies Festival - Winchester


Over half of all business is carried out over the weekends. This gives you complete flexibility in deciding just how much you want to throw yourself in from day one. We recommend not giving up your Monday-Friday job from the start, but rather building and making that judgement when the time is right. No one likes to refuse business during the week which is why our infrastructure will pick it up if you can’t.

Shrewsbury Food Festival

Low start-up costs

That’s what you want to hear right? Well, we’ve designed it that way for a reason – and that is we don’t want to miss the opportunities out there. Our model is completely scalable at a budget that suits you and your commitment capabilities. 

Dan Armstrong - Festival Operations

We work with you
all of the way

You’re essentially coming into business with us and we have spent considerable resources building a support structure to enable you to do just that and succeed.

If you choose to come to one of our introduction days we’ll show you exactly what we’ve built – and we’re certain you’ll gain the confidence needed in your decision making. 

Chris Holden - Festival Operations

Who we're
looking for?

If you’re hands-on, enthusiastic, motivated, outgoing with a good sense of humour then you’ll certainly succeed. We’re a great bunch of people here at TimberJacks and we love what we do – and we want you to love it too!

Join us now for
2023 business

We’re already filling our book of business for 2023 and yet there are 1000’s more gigs to be had if we build the infrastructure. This is where you come in.